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Let me introduce myself

Back to school? Back to teaching.
Cool starter assignment. Make up sentences:
My name is…
I am… Years old
I come from… (city)
And so on and so on
That the students fill out the sentences and introduce themselves to each other.
A great back to school activity


Words words words...

Students finding words in a picture. 
First of all find the words.
Then describe the picture using the words.
And write down long sentences.

Where is it? 
Where would you like to go?
Where would you least like to go? 


Students as teachers

Today we did grammar in an usual way - The students Took turns being the teacher. They were so great and they really enjoyed it :) each student prepared a chapter of grammar and role played being a teacher, they had lots of fun and I'm sure they'll remember bit much better this way :)



This year I'm teaching immigrants and fugitives so I'm studying the English grammar terms :-0 it's quite hard to get used to teaching English grammar in English instead of Danish! But I think it's going quite alright :-)


American history

Just before Christmas we studied American history via Forrest Gump - an amazing way to do it! (Our theme is still culture in English speaking countries).
I used to movies in two classes, in the first class we saw the movie before we worked with the movie, and in the second class we work with the topics of the movie before we saw it - both ways were good.
The result was this beautiful timeline - now on a wall of the classroom:

Words and Teambuilding

Here are some illustrations for the work about words and culture in English speaking countries. This time I combined it with the teambuilding, and it worked wonderfully - i've never seen a class so good at working together as they did this day in BBU3:
The result:
The students, working:



Our theme is "culture in English speaking countries" and right now the focus is on Great Britain. We just watched the movie "hope and glory" (it takes place in London during ww2)
Now we are working with words from the movie. The students illustrates and/or explain the words on the board. A great activity - everyone joins in, they move around in the classroom, and they really experience the words in a new way.
When the words were "translated" we put them in the context from the movie, and the students created sentences with the words.



Ok so this is 2015 - I teach 3 different classes in English this year, this must be a plus for my new year resolution - to blog, a lot, again! I really want to share my good ideas and show you how to... So cross your fingers, and hopefully there will be a lot more action on this blog.


Words words words

Training vocabulary!
Today I tried a new way to understand our word list. (I gave each pair of students a word from the theme word list, after a period of time the word sheets rotated)
A picture of the assignment: (and an example)