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Today I used modelling with my students! As you probably figured out, our current theme is "The 60s" and the first text is a timeline. I showed them how to study a timeline - I modelled it on the big screen and told them about the five Ws.

Prepositions again

Berit is walking around the table with a bottle on her head :)
That was a fun day for everyone - I made the sculptures and the groups made the sentences...



Playing with prepositions - with students..
The assignment:
1. Make a sculpture (1 table, 1 person, and 1 object)
2. Take a picture
3. Write 6 true and correct sentences about the picture
4. Correct another group's sentences
What they wrote:
"Prince Harry is reading under the table"
"Prince Harry has a pen in his right hand"
"Prince Harry is sitting on the table"
And so on and so on...



To evaluate your lessons, try to make a silent evaluation.
Take 3 x A3 sheets, write "this was great" "this could be better" and "this should be changed"
Now your students have to walk around the class room, write notes on the A3 sheets, the students may comment on the other comments - in silence! Written..