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Day 2 - grammar and feedback (3 July)

Another great day in Cambridge, today our course started being really creative...
Do you ever feel that grammar gets a bit boring, and you (the teacher) are explaining the grammar rules over and over again? Well I do, so I was happy to discuss deductive vs. inductive approaches today... Obviously we all agreed they go together, but the students might remember inductive approaches better!
Following is at quick list of two grammar games:
- Yoga with students: give them pictures whit different poses - have them make instructions, so they can explain the exercise to the other classmates - without using the picture..
- Make the students write adjectives on post-its, make them into a board game, and let them play (when they land on a post-it, they have to make a sentence with the adjective) Let the students make up the rules. Remember dice and counters!
Next up is creative feedback on written assignments!
- True or false quiz
- Put sentences, from the assignments, on the board. Make groups of 3 or 4 (Roles: 1: Runner - gets a sentence from the board 2: Expert - corrects the sentence 3: Writer - writes it down 4: checker - checks the sentence)
Enjoy :-)

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