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Day 3 - Unusual resources and mobile phones (4 July)

Today we learned how you can use anything for creative teaching!
Main objects: Post-its, paperclips, rubber bands, and string! But you can use ANYthing...
I will give you an idea using post-its:
Let the students write questions on post-its (answer on the back) - or you can make questions for a text! Put the questions on the board, and write a number by each one. Divide the class into groups, they take turns trying to answer questions - the group that gets the most post-its win.-- this is really fun!
Mobile phones:
It is important that you know your students' phones - which one they have, and more importantly what they can do!
- have them switch the language into English
- switch the time to 12 hours
- let them make a presentation of their phone
- create a story on the voice recorder (one sentence per group, and the one with the phone walks around to the other groups)
- Use QR codes! Link to website: QR codes (here you can create your own codes)

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