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Day 5 - songs and poetry (6 July)

Four ideas...
1: Frank Sinatra - I like New York in June
Give the students this:
I like ____ in ___, how about you?
I like a ______ tune, how about you?
I love a _____ when a ______ is due
I like ________, ________, ________ - how about you?
-> let them fill in the gaps with their own words, and compare to the song
2: Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Make some slips with words from the song, work in groups and tell the students to grap the words when they hear them. Then: put them in the right order and check.
3: Johnny Cash - A boy named Sue
Cut the song into pieces, let the students guess the right order, listen to the song and put them in the right order (don't give them the very last bit of the song!)
Who gave hin his name?
Does he like his name?
What does he think of his name in the end of the song?
What is he going to name his son?
4: The Beatles - She is leaving home
Sentences are copied in different colours (one colour pr group!) Listen to the song and have each group put their sentences in the right order. Then put all the sentences in the right order on the board - while you listen to the song (choose a runner pr group - and have blue tag ready!)

And... a coupla of great music videos:
Coldplay - the Scientist (recreate the story!)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me maybe (Irony)

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