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Day 6 - Pronunciation, speaking and problem solving (9 July)

Pronunciation: (and problem solving)
Interactive Phonemic Chart: or (this one does not have word examples underneath the symbol)

Exercise 1: Write different words in phonemics (use words you practise or related to your topic) Make a competition - Alex help! I can't remember your great game around the table - I'll get back with this!
What you have to do is make it into a competition - who gets the most wrong, for advanced students: let them spell the word, too.

Exercise 2: Make a list of problem-sounds (you can make, or your students can du it) Let them secretly choose a problem-sound, and have them draw a picture with the sound in it! Let the others guess. Make up your own tounge twisters and practise them. (maybe record them on your mobile, or their own)

Exercise 3: Word bingo!
Write 10 words "false friends" (three, tree, tin, thin, tick, thick etc. - whatever you are working on)
Make a bingo-card and let the students choose eg. 6 of the words - you dictate (remember to cover your mouth) Classic bingo from here.

Exercise 4: How many ways can you say YES? (no, hello, sorry etc) Make a competition!

1: Monday morning questions (using the senses - what is the nicest thing you have smelt this weekend)

2: Surviaval - in groups: Make a list of 5 things you would bring to a desserted island

3: Statements (Put a statement on the board - "Football players earn too much money!" or whatever, descuss it in groups)

4: Talkathon! With your students: Make a list of 5 - 10 of their favourite topics, when they have agreed put them on each their piece of paper. Make two lines of students - pair them with the classmate across from them. Now one line gets on of the topics each, and speak until they can't speak about the topic anymore. The student that speaks the longest wins! (you can give them grammar exercises when they finish! - "motivation")

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