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Day 8 - Drama and role play (11 July)

Warm up:
Walk around and say hello to the people you meet
Now you meet someone you...
  • don't trust
  • secretly love
  • havent seen for 10 years (an old friend)
  • don't like
  • an old enemy
  • don't care for
  • like
The hotel:
Make a list of people who work in a 5star hotel
Create a name for the hotel
Now: devide the class into two (staff and guests)
The guests goes outside and decide what type of charactor they want to be
The staff stays in the hotel, create the setting, and devide the jobs
- The guests arrive - act it!
Build on: say "freeze" from time to time and talk about the situation, make complaints/ questions for the staff - mime it, act it out etc.
Put a lot of pictures (with people on them) on the table, the students choose a picture in groups, let them prepare "what takes place on the picture".
Put the pictures on the board, and let the students guess which picture they act
* Make a folder of lots of pictures - you can use them in so many ways!

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  1. Hey B!
    I used the different ways to say "Hello" in class today. Was great fun, they really liked it. Must say it's an excellent,quick warmer that only takes a few minutes.
    Hugs! // K.