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Day 9 - Listening and story telling (12 July)

* Heads up: We only listen to 60 percent of what we hear!

Live listening: We all know a person that speaks english (it does not have to be a native speaker, but it would be great - the important thing is that it is a person the students does not know) Set a time with the person and let them tell your students about a topic - it can be a person comming to the classroom or on skype.

Before you start: Make sure your students know the words (paper, fold, crease, unfold, turn, corner, long edge, short edge, overlap, tuck, tear, left, right, top bottom - maybe more) + Shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) And bring coloured paper
The exercise: You fold and a student tells the others what to do! (find origami online - it can be other things)

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