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Day 7 - Dictation and writing (10 July)

Running dictation:
Place the students and tables in a line in the middle of the classroom! Put the dictation on a wall behind one of the lines, the students have to dictate the text - running back and forth. (practise the punctuation marks before the exercise)

Shouting dictation:
Pair up the students, give them the same text (with different gaps) - let them stand at opposite walls and dictate together. (before you start: tell them what to do when they have finished: check it together, think about what you did, listen to the other groups.
Class dictation:

Cut the text into sentences, number them, and hand them out to the students. Now dictate! You can stop the exercise after a couple of lines, and ask the students what they think will happen.

Writing ideas:
  • Free writing with music
  • Writing a letter - act it out! Before you write a letter, give the students roles: address to/from, dear..., date etc. Let them stand on the floor - the floor is the letter, where are you?
  • Tip: find mistakes easier - read the text backwards!
  • A detective story:
    • Think of a charactor
    • write four adjectives about your charactor
    • tell your group about him/her
    • choose one in the group
    • give him/her a name + age
    • The person is missing and you want to help find him. You go to his house and find some texts in a drawer (letters, tickets, a postcard etc.)
    • Choose one of them and create it
    • Make a poster with the texts
    • Make profiles of another group's texts
    • and so on and so on - see where you go!
         "How will I know what I think until I write it down?"

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